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About Psittacology

The name Psittacology was derived from the fact that parrots are also known as psittacines. The taxonomical order Psittaciformes contains 92 different genera that include our beloved domestic species, but also many more that are not commonly kept in captivity!

I started Psittacology because unfortunately, as with many pets, there are still plenty of myths out there about caring for parrots. I hope to use my many years of parrot-keeping experience to provide you with accurate information on important factors like housing, nutrition, taming and all other important aspects of care,

On a lighter note, I also hope it inspires you to enrich your parrot’s life with DIY toys, fun food tips and bonding possibilities, as well as make you feel confident you’re providing the best possible care.

About Mari

Hi! I’m Mari (full name Marijke, if you can pronounce that). I’m a published pop-science writer and spend my days diving into scientific articles about everything from birds to fish.

I’m 27 years old, have a Bachelor’s in Communication Science and divide my time between my chosen home of Spain as well as my home country of The Netherlands. I’m a long-time parrot keeper and currently share my home with two budgies (Esteban & Paco) and two cockatiels (Alfonso & Boris).

I love writing content, diving into scientific research and articles so I can bring you the most accurate information, creating communities, and helping other bird owners keep their feathered companions happy and healthy.

In my spare time, you’ll find me chatting nonsense to the birds, tending to my houseplants, exploring the beautiful Spanish coast and indulging in the occasional cocktail. I love hearing from visitors, so if you have anything to say about Psittacology, just head over to the contact page.

Thank you for visiting and say hi to your bird for me!

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